zWhy Organic?

Why Organic 

In recent years makeup consumers are fast becoming aware of the toxic effects of over exposure to chemicals and toxins. With this change we understand it can be difficult to separate the facts from marketing in the cosmetic industry. Zuii Organic is more than just a “natural” product range which is why we have created a page dedicated to answering all the common questions about our Certified Organic Makeup.
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How is Zuii Organic Certified?

Zuii Organic has been awarded one of the highest globally recognized certifications- BDIH, COSMOS & NASAA Organic. Our product ingredients must meet a minimum of 95% Certified Organic while the remaining 5% must be of a natural origin. The use of chemical or synthetic ingredients are prohibited from our range.

Is the full range Certified Organic?

Yes! Our full range has been Certified Organic by the worlds best Organic Certifiers. We use at least 95% Certified Organic ingredients with the remaining 5% from a natural origin (ie. Mineral). We do not contain any petrochemicals, parabens, fillers or talc.

What is the difference between mineral & organic makeup?

Natural/Mineral Makeup products are not regulated and can contain small amounts of natural ingredients, but the finished product can also contain synthetic and/or chemical ingredients. There is no government control over the percentage of natural ingredients used.

Organic Makeup products are not regulated and can only contain small amounts of Certified Organic ingredients. However the finished product can also contain synthetic, chemical or natural ingredients. They may be branded as Certified Organic however this is actually only for the 1 or 2 Certified Organic ingredients that they contain. There is no government control over the percentage of Certified Organic ingredients used.

Certified Organic Makeup products are the only guarantee to the consumer that the product and the Certified Organic ingredients meet government regulations. 95% Certified Organic ingredients with the balance of 5% from a natural origin. The use of synthetic, chemical and animal products are strictly prohibited. Zuii is Certified Organic.

What makes Zuii so different to other Mineral/ Organic cosmetic companies?

Zuii Organic is unlike any other brand on the market. As the world’s first flora based makeup our products are made from a base of flowers, yes that’s right you will be wearing flowers on your face. Every Zuii product is Certified Organic and to a Professional Cosmetic grade in application and performance.

You say Flora makeup, what does that mean?

Zuii Organic uses a blend of floral ingredients as the base to our products in our range. We take Rose, Jasmine and Chamomile flowers and crush them into a fine powder to create a unique and nourishing base to our powdered products.

Rose is high in Vitamin C and renowned for its properties of treating scar tissue, acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin blemishes and hyper pigmentation.

Jasmine encourages the repair of scar tissue and also contains soothing properties.

Chamomile is known to be one of the oldest medicinal plants. It is calming, and has healing/ anti-inflammatory properties.

What gives Zuii its floral scent?

We do not use any artificial scents to develop our beautiful smelling products. In fact our products smell naturally delicious due to the high quality natural ingredients and flowers we use. Not only do you wear flowers on your face, it smells amazing too.

Where is Zuii made?

Zuii is proudly made by our team at our Head Quarters in Nerang on the Gold Coast, Australia. Our team is dedicated to creating quality, safe and unique products. What an exciting product to say is Australian made and sold globally.

What does Zuii mean?

Zuii is a unique name to reflect our unique brand. In greek Zuii relates to life, which really captures the essence and philosophy of our brand. Zuii is pronounced: zoo-ii

Does Zuii use Titanium Dioxide in their products?

Yes, Zuii does use Titanium Dioxide in our products as a small portion for colour. Typically titanium dioxide is used in large volumes as a main ingredients for powders, however due to our unique flora formula we only need to use this Mineral ingredient for colour. In this small volume it is safe to use in cosmetics.

Does Zuii use Bismuth Oxychloride in their products?

Zuii Organic do not believe this is an ingredient that should be used on your skin. Many conventional or mass produced makeup ranges use this ingredient as it makes the skin appear to have a ‘healthy’ sheen and helps stick makeup to your skin. The fact is that this is a bi product of lead and copper refining and is nearly identical to arsenic, one very toxic chemical which we will never use in our range.

Does Zuii contain Talc?

Zuii Organic does not contain Talc. In most conventional lines of makeup Talc is used as an anti-caking agent to improve the feel of the products. Despite being a soft mineral, talc itself is toxic and a known carcinogen. Zuii will never use Talc in any of our products.

Does Zuii use nanoparticles in their products?

We do not use any nanoparticle ingredients in the Zuii Organic products, we strongly disagree with the use of this harmful and potentially hazardous form of toxic technology.

Does your makeup use nuts in their processing?

As we use many different raw ingredients in our range it can be difficult to guarantee that they are completely nut free. There are nut based oils in our Certified Organic products. Please check the individual ingredient listings for more information and we do recommend avoiding or testing certain products for nut allergy sufferers.

Are Zuii products alcohol free?

Alcohol in non-food products bears no relation to the common intoxicating alcoholic drinks.

Is the glycerin in your ingredients animal-free?

Zuii Organic glycerin is plant based and not from any animal or animal byproduct making our products cruelty free, halal approved with Vegan friendly options.

Are Zuii products Gluten Free?

Although we cannot 100% guarantee the process of our raw ingredients, our products are considered to be gluten free.

Are Zuii products Vegan Friendly?

We are thrilled to be able to offer vegan friendly options within our product line. There are a few exceptions, so feel free to contact us for a vegan friendly list or look for the V symbol on our website.

Are Zuii products Cruelty Free?

Zuii is certified cruelty free and do not test on animals.

Are Zuii products SLS free (sodium laureth sulphate)?

There is no SLS or derivatives used in any of the Zuii Organic products.

Does Zuii use Propylene Glycol?

Zuii does not use any propylene glycol in our range.

Are Zuii Products GMO Free?

Zuii strongly agrees with not using any ingredients that are derived from genetically modified crops.

Does Zuii test on animals?

Zuii does not test our Certified Organic products on animals and we are certified as cruelty free.

Does Zuii use Petroleum based ingredients?

Zuii does not use any Petroleum Oils in our products.

Does Zuii use preservatives?

Zuii does not use any preservatives in our range. In fact, due to the synergy of our Certified Organic ingredients no preservatives are required.

Are there soy or soy derivatives in Zuii products?

Zuii does not use any Soy or Soy derived ingredients in our range.

Will Zuii foundation clog my pores?

Great news! Zuii will not clog your pores as our Certified Organic Foundations do not contain the nasties that support bacteria. Our products are NON-comedogenic and allow you to create flawless coverage without that feeling of wearing heavy makeup.

Does Zuii contain carmine?

When it comes to colour cosmetics an ingredient to add colour to the product is required. Here at Zuii we are conscious of using colourants that are not only safe for your skin but ethically sourced. When it comes to a red tone the only option is Carmine or a synthetic dye. F, D & C dyes are prohibited in Certified Organic products and are known to be carcinogens. Which is why we only use Carmine when needed to produce a particular shade. We are looking for new colour technologies and improvements to using Carmine. Look for the V symbol on our colour charts for Carmine free/ Vegan friendly options.

Does Zuii use Palm Oil in their products?

Here at Zuii everything we do and produce is to the highest ethics. Some of our products do contain Palm Oil, which is ethically sourced under Organic Certifications from sustainable plantations. We remain committed to preserving and loving nature and all who reside within it.

Does Zuii Organic offer sun protection in their products?

Despite not being SPF rated or marketed, our products offer natural, built in sun protection by reflecting and scattering UV rays. For extra protection we recommend applying your trusted Sun Protection underneath your Zuii Makeup when in the sun for extended periods of time

Does Zuii contain any heavy metals in your eyeshadow or lipsticks?

Zuii can confirm that our products meet the allowable standards issues by all Certified bodies. As heavy metals occur naturally in the earth we would expect important mineral compounds, such as our natural colorants and key mineral ingredients like mica, would have trace amounts of heavy metals becuase they are mined from the earth.

What are the Zuii brushes made from?

Our Zuii Organic brushes are made from a mix of synthetic and sable fibres designed for optimum performance. These are cruelty free certified.

Is Zuii safe to use after facial procedures or surgery?

Due to its genuine purity and treating qualities, Certified Organic Makeup is the only kind of makeup recommended for use after cosmetic and facial procedures. With ingredients designed to soothe and nourish your skin it will help recover and reduce redness. Please note we always suggest you discuss use of cosmetics with your doctor after any procedure.

Why does the Zuii packaging say Do Not Digest?

We understand that a Do not Digest label on our packaging may be confusing. However please feel sure this only relates the packaging of our products and is an EU requirement due to the small packaging componentry. Zuii Organic products are fully certified organic with food grade ingredients.

Is Zuii safe to use while pregnant?

While Zuii is one of the safest Cosmetics to use we still always recommend that you speak to you doctor before using products if you are pregnant.